Gradually taking up as one of the most sought after destination wedding venues in India, Kerala absolutely makes for an ideal choice for those who look for an unconventional wedding steeped in utmost serenity and pristine beauty of nature, off-course with a touch of ethnicity to it. The sun-kissed beaches of this beautiful state fringed with intersected network of swaying palms and flaming white sands provide that perfect quixotic ambience where embracing each other in a pious knot of nuptial bliss for the lifetime is truly like a dream come true for the two deeply in love souls. And needless to say, if your wedding is more of a traditional affair, the rustic and cultural aura of Kerala undoubtedly, adds a magical charm to all the marriage fun and celebrations; plan the baraat procession of the groom sitting on a decorated elephant with panchvadyam playing in the background and entry of the bride in a vintage palki and I am sure, nothing can give you a more royal wedding experience than this. To give a more romantic touch to your beach wedding in Kerala, arrange for a floating mandap across the scintillating azure waters to exchange your vows; the serene backdrop of the beamish horizon would be nothing short of a visual treat to your guests and is sure to add that celestial allure to your wedding pictures. What more? If you are hosting a wedding in Kerala – you obviously don’t have to worry about your guests during the non-ceremonial hours; they can themselves keep them busy with sightseeing, shopping, attending cultural concerts or just relaxing by the beachside; literally speaking, the options are endless.